March 27, 2015


Little Love
Favorite Skirt Day
"Boundary Waters Pants"
Our sweet little Mary has spent the week pushing through more rough nights battling reflux. We're currently on our second medication (after the first one didn't do anything) and we're hoping that this one will be the magical pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. In between bouts of trying to soothe her, we're busy enjoying her sweet snuggles and her love of sleeping snuggled up on mama's chest.

Though she's been busy learning about taking care of babies and being a good big sister, Evelyn has been busy on her own too. She spends her days coloring, playing play-dough and building Legos, preferably while wearing her favorite skirt or dress. This flower skirt happens to be the favorite of the moment and one can only hope that it stays clean because washing it is a disaster akin to losing a limb.

Nathaniel has been thrilled anticipating the arrival of summer. Unless he's decked out in his school uniform, he's wearing pants that have giant holes in the knees. Why? He's wearing "Boundary Waters pants." And for the record, he would like all of his pants to be Boundary Waters pants and no, he doesn't understand why he can't have holes in all of them.

March 20, 2015


First Holding Experience
Holding Her
Holding Her
First Holding Experience
Holding Her
Last week, this was the highlight of my entire week. Finally, over a week after Mary was born, Nathaniel and Evelyn were able to hold their baby sister. It was absolutely amazing to watch and to see the love they showered on her!

Because Nathaniel had managed to come down with croup the day that I delivered our littlest girl, we knew that we had to be extra careful with germs. We questioned not only the Urgent Care and ER doctors about the germs, but we also double-checked with our pediatrician about what we needed to do to keep Mary healthy and away from an illness that would most likely land her in the hospital. The answer from everyone was unanimous: break out the hand sanitizer, keep them separate, and good luck! So that's exactly what we did; we had seven bottles of hand sanitizer stationed around the house, we used a ton of disinfectant wipes, and we were extremely conscious about touching children and communicating germs.

We finally had the green light last Tuesday when Nathaniel had been germ-free long enough to be safe and we told the littles that they would be able to hold their baby sister. It was like telling them that we were making a meal out of chocolate- they were thrilled and honestly, so were we! We had survived croup without anyone else getting sick and we were determined to stay healthy for a good, long time.

Now that we're even further removed from the plague, we've relaxed a bit more about germs, though we still have four bottles of hand sanitizer stashed in various places in the house to make diaper changes and potty visits for the kids as simple as possible. And, at least for the moment, we're all healthy and so grateful that this cold and flu season is coming to a close so the littles can enjoy their baby sister!

March 18, 2015


Snuggly Baby
Snuggling on the Couch
Outdoor Heaven
This week brought about some new challenges for us as parents. For the last four nights, Mary has decided that she hasn't wanted to sleep, choosing instead to scream bloody murder at us between 11pm and 4am. After having two children who slept well when they were infants, this has been an entirely new experience for us. It's made us very grateful to have such a good pediatrician who recommended trying some reflux medication for our littlest girl to see if the three of us can find any relief! We're really hoping to see a little improvement for her soon, but in the meantime, she's busy sleeping during the day.

For the two older kids, we've really cut down on their electronics/television time in the last three weeks. It's been such a good thing for them; it's made them more appreciative of the times that we do veg out on the couch and turn on a cartoon, but it's also made us a lot more intentional about getting outside and playing (the warmer weather has definitely played a role in that too)! So here's hoping that the sunshine is here to stay so we can keep enjoying the swing set and keeping this mama's sanity by running off some of that extra energy!

March 16, 2015

Back to the Routine

First Bath
First Bath
This past weekend was our last breath of vacation as we soaked in being a family of five with Jonathan home. We played outside, ate a ridiculous number of cookies, and checked a few to-dos off the list, including giving this little lady her first solo bath.

Since she had taken several baths with me before we tried one on her own, we knew she would probably love the water, but it was still such a wonderful moment to see her relaxed and enjoying the warm water… honestly, a far cry from bath experiences that we've had with her brother and sister! And since we were able to bathe her in the sink, there were no back-wrenching yoga poses over a bathtub for mom or dad either- we were simply able to enjoy bathing our little girl for the first time.

So now we're facing real-life again. It's back to school, back to work, and back into our routines, but at least we're facing it with a squeaky clean baby!

March 13, 2015


Hello Kitty Obsessed
Future Lucasfilm CEO
This week, Mary's been settling into life in this crazy little family. Mercifully, she'll sleep through her older sibling's noises most of the time and we're immensely grateful that they usually sleep through her fussing at night as well. Her biggest moment of the week, however, was a visit to our midwife where we found out that she's officially surpassed her birth weight- big news for a little girl who initially lost so much weight.

Evelyn's been busy cooing over her little sister, but she's never far from her Hello Kitty water bottle. I'm honestly not sure what it is about the bottle, but somehow it's become a huge favorite in the last few days so we're going with it!

As for Nathaniel, the Star Wars obsession continues. We are actively advertising for Lucasfilm in just about every area now: what we wear, the toys we play with, bedroom decor, etc. Given his passion for Star Wars, he was ridiculously excited to hear that the next Star Wars movie has an official release date… even if it is two years down the line. He's already planning our next trip to the theater.