February 19, 2015


Roxy Foxy
Kleenex Boy
This past week, we've been busy playing around the house and trying to find ways to entertain ourselves without destroying our bedrooms. This little gal has taken a particular shine to one of her Christmas gifts and has been pretty inseparable from Roxy Foxy. Roxy has even accompanied us one a few errands and can regularly be found on different adventures around the house.

While Evelyn has been in stuffed animal heaven, Nathaniel has been busy trying to get over (another) cold that he managed to pick up. Lord knows that we are so hoping to be healthy when this baby makes an appearance, but in the meantime, we are stocking up on Kleenex, disinfectant, and hand sanitizer. With a little luck and a whole lot of rubbing alcohol, maybe we can ride out the rest of this cold and flu season without a hitch!

February 13, 2015


Testing Baby Toys
Valentine Box
We've been trying to finish up the last few things this week in preparation for our littlest one's arrival and this sweet girl has been a big help with the baby toys. After we finally broke them out of their storage boxes and got them all cleaned up, Evelyn was kind enough to test them out for me to make sure they're still worthy of playtime.

Meanwhile, Nathaniel celebrated Valentines Day at school this week. With everything else going on, we didn't have the time to make a Valentine box for him so I thanked my lucky stars that we had kept his box from last year (and that he still had a special place in his heart for Spiderman) and we ran with it!

February 9, 2015

All Hail the Tub Crayons

Bath Crayons
As we're coming up on the last days of this pregnancy, I've found myself needing to take it easy. Last week, I was hit with a cold after pushing myself non-stop to finish project after project and I finally had to throw up my hands and tell myself that if nothing else gets done, then it's all okay. That may mean no more meals stored away in the freezer, no more paint touch-ups, and a whole bunch more relaxing than I had anticipated… but for this season, that's all right.

One of the best discoveries we've made recently to aid with the whole Pregnant Mommy Relaxation theme we've been going with has been some new bath toys for Evie. Oftentimes, we will drop her brother off at school, pick up a few items from Target, and then come home where she will spend a good long time engrossed in her toys while she plays mermaid, princess, and tub graffiti artist. Meanwhile, I get to sit quietly in the next room over listening to her songs and conversations with her water baby doll and remembering that sometimes it's important for mommies to have a time out too! Goodness knows that these opportunities will be few and far between in the very near future...

February 5, 2015


Visiting the Dentist
Visiting the Dentist
This little girl made her first trip to the dentist this week. Evie was so nervous on our way to the office and kept talking about how she didn't want to get any shots (despite multiple assurances that the dentist wasn't going to give her any), but once she got up in the chair and saw the Frozen stickers she would receive at the end of the appointment, she was a little angel. Meanwhile in the chair next to her, Nathaniel was rocking his dental visit like an old pro and was awfully proud of himself when the dentist told him that he got an "A" for how well he was brushing his teeth. And then he got to pick a prize, which made the dentist his favorite person of the week.

February 3, 2015

Jackets and All That White Stuff on the Ground

Snow Play
Snow Play
Snow Play
After a brief respite from winter, we're back to being buried under a whole lot of white stuff and sub-zero temperatures this week. While we're enjoying the fact that winter isn't over quite yet, I'm finding that the newest plummet in temperatures is much more challenging than I had anticipated. It's like sleep training for parents-to-be; the cold temps settle in for the night, causing the rafters in our attic to pop like a shotgun, which in turn causes the mother-to-be to wake up out of a sound sleep, stuff her face back into the pillow, and curse the very existence of winter… or something like that. After one such challenging night this week, the following conversation took place between Evie and I:

A: Mommy is tired today because she didn't get a lot of sleep last night.

E: Why?

A: Our house was making lots of noise last night. It was so cold out last night that our rafters were creaking in the attic.

E: Our attic?

A: Yep.

E: Then it needs a jacket.

A: Houses aren't really meant to wear jackets.

E: But the house was whining. It doesn't have a mouth, but it was whining. It needs a jacket.

A: A jacket? For the house?

E: Yes!!!

A: But that would be an awfully big jacket.

E: Yes! A BIG one!!

A: Where would we get one?

E: At the store. Maybe all of our family could carry it back home. And then we're going to Batman's house!

A: Batman?

E: Maybe tomorrow we can plan on my idea?